Life's Progressive Tale

So funny story!

I'm in this place trying to pay for my good & services and the total comes to $7.87 after tax.

I start to hand the lady $23 & she tells me again that is comes to $7.87. I told her yeah I know. She says that's to much & doesn't want to take it like I'm trying to rip her off or something.

I hand her the $23 again and tell her to trust me.

She types $23 into her computer register & take my money. When my change came up as $15.13 she kind of goes "oh". She hands me a five & a ten spot. The computer spit out the coins for her. She didn't even have to count the change back. The coins went into the tip jar!

Still not being sure she knows why I gave her the $23 I ask, "Now do you get it?" No answer.

I put my bills in my wallet & walk. I wonder if a screen needs medical & wonder how long until these jobs go away. We have a whole generation of youths who want more money yet lack the skills and more importantly learn a skill or trade & the pride that goes with it.

What's progressive about robbing people of the pride of what they do & putting them into a place of master & servant to the gov't and the man?!?